Dese 13€ + shipping

At last, the webcomic "Dese" is available on paper.

The comics is printed in landscape as it has been designed for WEB publication on screens wider than high... That's unusual. It will be never said that "Dese" is a common comics.

It has been hard to find printer with enough gray scales to render the Dese drawings.

Unfortunately, the making price of one book is 13 €... It is too much, will you say! I agree with you. I expected a global price of 7€ but I failed. So, I will sale it without any benefit.

If, you are not happy with the rendering of your printer when printing the PDF 300 dpi file and if you are not too disappointed by the price, send me an email:

Do not worry, I have 20 copies. It is far enough for the requests... if I receive any.

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