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Drawings, painting and comics.

Kadrane's Kalenders

Calendar 2015



The dragon and his elf

Is is a Non verbal webcomic. It has been drawn with pencil in A5 sketchpads mainly during travel time in train and metro. Three warriors conduct a young elf through Broceliand forest. They are attacked by Trolls who are easily controlled. But this move is only a distraction. A pterodactylus appears above the tree and steals the boy...


Work Camps, C5348

Non verbal webcomic. Two boys work in a gold mine to move mud. In these hard live condition, their strong friendship is their only chance to survive... I submit to you this new story without text titled "Work Camps, C5348". I've drawn it with a lot of excitements. It will be a success if you can get only a part of these feelings. This story began like The Elf's Apprentice: one drawing gives idee for the next one. These pictures were drawn on A5 (14.8x21cm) 150g/m2 paper with pencil.

The Elf's Apprentice

Non verbal webcomic. A young elf follows his teacher through the Broceliande forest. While they cross a village, the boy meets a girl. But some residents do not approve strangers in their community... The Elf's Apprentice is a non verbal story that I began in January 2005, a little bit by mistake. In April 2005, it contained 43 pencil drawings. During two years nothing happened. Between February en January 2007, I made 30 new drawings that end the first chapter of this story.


Comic transformed to support publication on the WEB. This science fiction story tells the adventures of Dal, owner of the Velex spacecraft, and Karl, a young slave run away from the Mitchida work camps. The pictures contain French dialog. The English translation is now complete and stays below each enlarged picture when you click on thumbnails.


Les Edelwenns

The Aurelien's secret .

A mysterious sandy boy!

De green ray.

An owl in the belfry.

Bravo, the artist!

Daniel and Isaline

These drawings illustrate a book I've written in French named "Daniel and Isaline".

Chinese ink


De little devil

These drawings illustrate a French tale written by Jan VAN BOGAERT ("Les contes du paradis perdu", Edition Drouot, ISBN 2-87095-162-0).

The Beast

These drawings illustrate a book I've written in French named "La Bete". It is the story of two teenagers, Tom, a strange boy, and Benedict, a very inquisitive girl.


Thousand and one silly things

That's not always easy to be parent.



fairies drawings



Little brother

Flying Elfs

Sea Elfs

Winged elfs

These characters have been inspired during my first holidays in Bretagne, France. They were also the subject of my first watercolour pictures.

The Elfs' tree


An elf by the dragons

Alan and the Dragon

Novel in work

First flight of the dragon


Animated GIF

animated dragon gif

Paysages and sea



Miscellaneous drawings.


Drawings for new year wishes.



Christmas Drawings

Water colors

Window colors



Boys at sport

Boys at beach

Boys in swimming pool

Dad and son

The fight

drawings fight


Drawings for "Kiliwolu", de French scout newspaper of Brussels South between 1985 and 1988.


The first pictures have been drawn on the site oekakicentral. The artwork of the other members of oekakicentral has demonstrated to me that it was possible to make beautiful things with computer.


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